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Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing is the final process that is carried out on the metal and this is to ensure that the metal product is finished to the highest of standards before we pass it back to the customer. The finishing of the product normally involves the component being both polished and then buffed, this polished is normally completely using material similar to sand paper, this is done to remove the abrasive on the metal. Once this has been completed the buffing is then done, this is not as harsh as the polishing, and it therefore gives the metal the final finish making it completely smooth. Polishing is carried out on nearly all-metal components that are produced.

SPS Brassware is a very well established company that was founded back in 1972, this is therefore a long standing company that has gone from strength to strength and this has meant that the company has also needed to expand. As a company we manufacture and sell many products, so not only do we offer metal polishing but we also do auto polishing and other different types of finishing's, this include electrophoretic lacquering, assembly and presswork. Our large premise covers 50 000 square foot and this is where are the manufacturing is done. As a company we have built up an excellent reputation over the years, and we have a lot of repeat business from many of our customers and have an excellent reputation.

Would you like more information about Metal Finishing then please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a knowledgeable member of our team who will be able to answer all of your unanswered questions. Call us today on 01902 772679, alternatively contact us via email on info@spsbrassware.co.uk. We aim to respond to all of our enquiries as quickly as possible.