SPS Brassware Ltd - Metal Finishing, Metal Electrical Switchplates
SPS Brassware Ltd - Metal Electrical Switchplates

electrophoretic lacquer finish electro lacquering
Quality is a high priority at SPS Brassware. Using the likes of ultrasonic cleaners and electrophoretic lacquer in our electro lacquering finish, we can ensure high quality of product.

All electrical products are tested individually before dispatch and all sub-contracted work is inspected by our quality control team.

We work hard to ensure our customer service remains second to none. All orders are treated with the same professionalism whatever the size of the order may be. We make nationwide deliveries everyday.

Examples og our high quality service include our fully automatic cleaning system and an automatic electrophoretic lacquering plant which includes di-chromate, to ensure the highest possible quality of finish. Our lacquering plant can either apply a clear lacquer or a gold coloured lacquer on metals such as zinc, aluminium etc.

SPS Brassware carry out a lot of its work in-house, which includes design, development and electro lacquering, therefore we can offer customers good value.

We also import brassware from other countries offering an extensive range from economy fittings, right the way through to more expensive products.